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Ascenders and Pulleys

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Black Diamond Gear Pulley Black Diamond Gear Pulley
The make-or-break part of any pulley is the bearing. The Black Diamond Pulley features a self-lubricating, oil-filled bronze bearing which rotates around a stainless-steel shaft. This smooth action won't make moving the beast any more fun, but it...
Petzl Ascension Petzl Ascension
The Petzl Ascension is standard equipment for big wall climbing. Neither mud nor ice nor freezing rain will make the Ascension loosen its hold. Designed to fit single ropes between 8 and 13mm in diameter, the Ascension features a lightweight...
Petzl Croll Ascender Petzl Croll Ascender
Attach the Petzl Croll Ascender to your chest and waist harnesses to ascend a rope while caving. Used in combination with another ascender attached to a foot loop, the Croll allows you to climb the rope easily. You can rest by simply leaning back...
Petzl Mini Prusik Minding Pulley Petzl Mini Prusik Minding Pulley
The Petzl Mini Prusik Minding Pulley is lightweight and becomes a self-jamming pulley when used with a Prusik. For use on 11mm rope maximum. Bottom Line: Don't pass up this Petzl Pulley.
Petzl Mini Traxion Pulley Rope Clamp Petzl Mini Traxion Pulley Rope Clamp
Petzl Mini Traxion is a revolution in pulley technology. The anti-return feature turns a basic pulley into a load hauling, rope climbing machine. If you hang out on glaciers or climb big walls, you need one on your rack.
Petzl Pantin Foot-mounted Rope Clamp Petzl Pantin Foot-mounted Rope Clamp
Speed your progress with the Petzl Pantin Foot-Mounted Rope Clamp when it's time to ascend the ropes out of the cave you're spelunking. This foot-mounted ascender is used in conjunction with a waist-mounted ascender such as the Petzl Ascension. for...
Petzl Pro Traxion Pulley Rope Clamp Petzl Pro Traxion Pulley Rope Clamp
Petzl Protraxion Pulley/Rope Clamp is a swing-sided self-jamming pulley designed for hauling systems. The coefficient of friction is very low thanks to a 38 mm diameter sheave mounted on sealed ball bearings. Its performance makes it an ideal pulley...
Petzl Rescue Pulley Petzl Rescue Pulley
When lives are on the line and you cannot be concerned with the strength of your gear, count on the Petzl Rescue Pulley for hauling heavy loads. The Rescue pulley has a safe working load of 8kN (1800lb) and a breaking strength of 32kN, making it...
Petzl Stop Descender Petzl Stop Descender
The Petzl Stop Descender is a self-locking rappel device for use on single ropes. The Stop Descender is designed for long rappels, such as those encountered while caving. Squeeze the handle and it works just like a standard rappel device. When you...
Petzl Tibloc Ultralight Ascender Petzl Tibloc Ultralight Ascender
Petzl Tibloc Ultra light Ascender is a small rope clamp for emergencies. The Tibloc will stand-in for many rope clamps/grabs as well as self-jamming knots. It can be used to set up a pulley system, climb a rope, or haul a second. At just 39 grams...
Ushba Basic Ascender Sport Ushba Basic Ascender Sport
The Ushba Basic Ascender Sport is a trustworthy supplemental ascender that's compact and easy to use. The aluminum-bodied Basic Ascender is designed for use with haul systems on alpine ascents, for crevasse rescue or as a top rope self-belay device....
Wild Country Ropeman Ascender Wild Country Ropeman Ascender
The Wild County Ropeman Ascender is an indispensable piece of gear for multitude of climbing and crevasse rescue situations. This 3oz silver-dollar-size ascender replaces your prussic to make ascending and hauling faster and easier. The Mk1 uses an...
Displaying 1 to 12 (of 12 products) Result Pages:  1 

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