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First Aid & Survival

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First Aid & Survival
Emergency Kits, Emergency Supplies

Bull Horns, Miscellaneous, Radios, Whistles & Compasses

Emergency Kits
1 Person Deluxe Emergency Backpack Kit, 1 Person Deluxe Emergency Honey Bucket Kit, 1 Person Economy Emergency Backpack Kit, 1 Person Economy Emergency Honey Bucket Kit, 1-Day Kit and more...

Evacuation & Fire
16 oz. Fire Extinguisher, 5 lb. Fire Extinguisher, 6 lb. Fireman's Axe US Made Heavy duty, Barricade 'Caution' Tape - 1000', Barricade 'Caution' Tape 300' and more...

First Aid Kits
157 Piece First Aid Kit - Plastic Box, 33 Piece First Aid Kit 1 Person, 53 Piece First Aid Kit, Basic First Aid Kit, Cortex Outdoor Skin Kit - 16 Pieces and more...

First Aid Supplies
Antiseptic Supplies, Bandages & Tape, Bloodborne Pathogens, Burn Supplies, Eye Care, Gauze Pads & Rolls, Instruments, Miscellaneous, Outdoors, Pain Relievers and more...

High Energy Government Survival Candy, Mainstay Emergency Food Rations - 3600 Calories, Mayday Food Bar - 1200 Calories, Mayday Food Bar - 2400 Calories, Mayday Food Bar - 3600 Calories and more...

Lighting & Heating
Batteries, Candles & Matches, Heat & Stoves, Lights

Survival Video

Sanitary Supplies
Personal Hygiene, Portable Toilets

Search & Rescue
1 Person Professional Rescue Kit, 4 Person Deluxe Search & Rescue, 4 Person Professional Rescue Kit, Ready to Roll Search and Rescue Kit

Shelter & Sleeping
Emergency Blankets, Rain Gear, Safety Vests, Tents, Tarps, & Cots

Storage Items
Adult Size Back Pack (Nylon) Red without Lettering, Adult size Courdura Backpack - Black, Back Pack Black with "Survival Kit" Imprint, Large Fanny Pack (Black), Large Roll Bag with Strap 40 x 19 x 19 and more...

Survival Kits
"I Care" Package Survival Kit, "The Traveler" Survival Kit, Canadian-Alaskan Aircraft Survival Kit, Deluxe Emergency Survival Kit, Emergency Supply Kit and more...

General Tools, Knives & Utility, Protective Gear, Rope & Tape, Shovels

Water & Accessories
Containers, Prepackaged Water, Purifiers

Featured Products
120 Hour Candle
120 Hour Candle
The Survival Candle  Burns up to 36 Hours
The Survival Candle Burns up to 36 Hours
Slow Burning Emergency Candles  Pack of 5
Slow Burning Emergency Candles Pack of 5
Waterproof Matches  Box of 50
Waterproof Matches Box of 50

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