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Birding, etc.
Bees, Butterflies, etc., Birdbaths, Birdfeeders, Birdhouses

Carts & Tools
Carts, Labor-Saving Tools, Pruners & Loppers, Weeding

Compost Accessories, Compost Pails, Compost Systems

Decorative Accents
Fountains, etc., Gazing Balls, Nighttime Accents, Statues, etc.

Edging & Mulches
Edging, Mulches, Pavers

Flower Gardening
Accessories, Fertilizers & Soil, Flower Supports, Plant Markers, Trellises

Garden Pest Control
Birds, Deer & Rabbits, Fences & Barriers, Insects, Mosquitoes

Gardener's Living
Cleaning, Cushions & Curtains, Furniture, Home Accents, Rugs & Mats, Storage & Organization

Gardening Tools
Carts, Cool Tools, Labor-Saving, Planting Tools, Power Tools, Pruners Etc., Shovels & Hoes

Greenhouses & Sheds
Accessories, Compact Greenhouses

Indoor Gardening
Indoor Pest Controls, Light Gardens, Seedstarting

Landscape Planting
Ornamental Shrubs, Seedballs, Etc.

Accessories, Leaf Collection, Leaf Disposal, Leaf Transport

Outdoor Furniture
American Eco-Teak, Champlain Furniture, Cushions, Eden Faux Wicker, More Furniture

Personal Care
Aromatherapy, Footwear & Apparel, Personal Care

Pond Maintenance
Accessories, Pond Cleaners

Pots & Planters
Accessories, Hanging Planters, Plant Stands, Raised Beds, Self-Watering Planters, Soils & Fertilizers, Windowboxes

Property Maintenance
Carts, Labor-Saving, Loppers, Snow & Ice Removal, Weeding, Yard Clean-Up

Solar Lights
Footlights, Path Lights, Spotlights

Vegetable Gardening
Accessories, Fertilizers, Mulches, Plant Markers, Pots & Planters, Raised Beds, Season Extending, Space Intensive, Supports, Terrific Tomatoes and more...

Accessories, Conserve Water, Hose Organizers, Hoses & Sprinklers, Rain Barrels, Vacation Watering, Watering Cans

Featured Products
Super-Light PowerGear Loppers
Super-Light PowerGear Loppers
Long Reach Pruner
Long Reach Pruner
Powergear Hedge Shears
Powergear Hedge Shears
21" PowerGear Bypass Loppers
Safety Axe
Safety Axe
Brush Axe
Brush Axe
Powergear Pruners
Powergear Pruners
Pruning Stik Tree Pruner
Pruning Stik Tree Pruner

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