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Roof Rack Water Mounts

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Thule Canoe Carrier Thule Canoe Carrier
The Thule Canoe Carrier is a set of 4 bookend style padded cradles that give your canoe's gunwales a soft place to sit. The included set of ratcheting tie downs makes mounting your canoe up quick and painless. The bookend style system gives superb...
Thule Cast Away Thule Cast Away
Thule's Cast Away is the first of its kind, a car top mount for your fishing rods. A padded tip holder keeps your shafts from flailing around when you're doing 70 to get to the river before a hatch, and a heavy duty locking ABS box in the rear...
Thule Glide & Set - 2 saddles Thule Glide & Set - 2 saddles
Thule's Glide & Set is a combination of their Set-to-Go [THU0026] and Hydro Glide [THU0025] saddles, along with two ratcheting tie-down straps. The Glide & Set can be attached to almost any rack system, factory or otherwise, and has everything you...
Thule Hang Two Surf Carrier Thule Hang Two Surf Carrier
Thule's Hang Two Surf Carrier is an indispensable accessory to protect your precious board in transit. Padded cradles keep your board stable, a huge advantage on the squirrelly bits of the Hana highway. With a second set of straps, you can attach a...
Thule Hang Two Surf Carrier Thule Hang Two Surf Carrier
Whoa brah, Thule's Hang Two Surfboard Carrier holds two boards securely to whatever rack you have on top of your woody station wagon, dude. What's that? We're perpetuating the stereotype that surfers are inarticulate blond guys who drive cars that...
Thule Hull-A-Port - 2 cradles Thule Hull-A-Port - 2 cradles
The Thule Hull-A-Port is a unique system that supports your kayak on its side in 2 J-shaped cradles. The Hull-A-Port's design frees up extra space on top of your car for other rack parts, or a second Hull-A-Port, since paddling alone isn't nearly as...
Thule Hullavator Thule Hullavator
Thule's Hullavator is an elevator for your kayak. Instead of wrestling to get your kayak above your head or just sitting on the couch eating Potato Skinz when you can't get the neighbors to put your boat on the car, the Hullavator does the work for...
Thule Hydro Glide Saddle - 1 saddle Thule Hydro Glide Saddle - 1 saddle
The Hydro Glide Saddle is Thule's alternative to rollers. Unlike rollers, the Hydro Glide has no moving parts to break or jam, just super slick felt pads that let you slide the bow through into the forward saddle, then act as a saddle themselves....
Thule Outrigger II Thule Outrigger II
If you don't want a big scratch on your Escalade from trying to put your kayak on the roof by yourself, you'll be happy to see Thule's Outrigger II. The Outrigger II slides into the front load bar and pulls out when it's time to get your boat on the...
Thule Quick Draw Thule Quick Draw
You may not know it yet, but you need a Thule Quick Draw, trust us. This handy little gadget uses ratcheting blocks and steel hooks to make a no-effort tie down. Perfect for use as a bow and stern line, you need only hook the Quick Draw to your car...
Thule Roller Coaster - 1 saddle Thule Roller Coaster - 1 saddle
Weeeee! The Thule Roller Coaster may not be quite as much fun as its name suggests, but you'll find you love it all the same when you see how easy it makes loading your kayaks. The Roller Coaster is made up of two cradles and (surprise!) a central...
Thule Sailboard Pads Thule Sailboard Pads
Thule calls them Sailboard Pads, but they'll work great for anything that needs padding. These foam pads wrap around your rack bars, and a weather resistant nylon sleeve extends their life and makes you look less like a goober when you're driving...
Thule Set-to-Go - 1 saddle Thule Set-to-Go - 1 saddle
The Set-to-Go is Thule's stand-by kayak saddle. The Set-to-Go's soft pads can be adjusted to fit any kayak hull with ease. A ratchet strap is included so you don't have to mess around with knots tying your ‘yak down. Saddles cradle your kayak's...
Thule The Stacker Thule The Stacker
The Stacker is a standby for hauling whitewater kayaks on your roof rack. Evolved considerably from its beginnings as an undistinguished vertical loop, the Thule Stacker now has a separate upper bridge that makes it easy to tie your boats down. The...
Thule Top Deck Kayak Saddle w/ Tie Downs Thule Top Deck Kayak Saddle w/ Tie Downs
The Thule Top Deck Kayak Saddle makes it easy to get your boat from your garage to the water. Thule designed this kayak holder to attach to most factory racks or roof rack load bars in just a few minutes so you won't need to drive around with the...
Yakima BoatLoader - Boat Mount Accessory Yakima BoatLoader - Boat Mount Accessory
The Yakima BoatLoader provides assistance for loading boats on tall vehicles. Specifically, the BoatLoader is a telescoping crossbar extension to aid in one-person boat loading and unloading. Its intuitive design helps keep the boat away from the...
Yakima BoatLocker Yakima BoatLocker
The Yakima BoatLocker secures a kayak, or other boats, and a paddle to your vehicle. Yakima wants you to be able to use your gear for years to come. Their new BoatLocker system uses a flexible 10 ft locking cable and PaddleCuff (patent pending) to...
Yakima Bow/Stern Tie Down Yakima Bow/Stern Tie Down
Easily secure the bow and stern of any boat with Yakima's ratcheting Bow/Stern Tie-down. Spend more time in your boat and less time securing and removing from your car—the ratcheting mechanism lets you easily and quickly adjust the Tie-down's...
Yakima Gunwale Brackets set of 4 Yakima Gunwale Brackets set of 4
The Yakima Gunwale Brackets set of 4 carry a canoe by the gunwales with a soft, rounded shape. Easier to load, thanks to rounded outer edge and lower height. Quick and easy to install on round or square crossbars. Long lasting stainless steel...
Yakima Hull Raiser Boat Mount Yakima Hull Raiser Boat Mount
The Yakima Hull Raiser is an alternative to saddles and posts, with a J-cradle design that supports and protects kayaks of virtually any shape and size. The Hull Raiser offers easy loading, complete with a pair of heavy duty straps with padded...
Yakima Hully Rollers Boat Mount Yakima Hully Rollers Boat Mount
Yakima Hully Rollers are the most righteous thing to happen to boat racks this millennium. Hully Rollers are pivoting U-joint rollers that make loading and unloading your boat a breeze, and fit any hull shape. Save your arm strength for paddling....
Yakima Kayak Stacker 1 pair Yakima Kayak Stacker 1 pair
The Yakima Kayak Stacker 1 pair carries river or recreational kayaks vertically with coated steel posts. Quickly tie off boats using the versatile arrow top hook. Quick and easy to install onto both round and square crossbars. Security strap with...
Yakima LandShark - Set of 4 Yakima LandShark - Set of 4
Yakima's LandShark saddles fit all popular recreational boats. Just slide your boat on, and the saddles grip firmly when you tie it down. The LandShark is quickly and easily installed on square or round crossbars, and is made of corrosion resistant...
Yakima Mako Boat Saddles - 1 Pair Yakima Mako Boat Saddles - 1 Pair
The Yakima Mako Boat Saddles fit all popular boat hull shapes using an ergonomic, form fitting cradle. It's super easy to slide your boat on and off when the pad is recessed. The boat is secured with straps and Dynaflex pads that grip the hull. Mako...
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