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Ultra-Bright Double Spotlight

Ultra-Bright Double Spotlight
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Product Description
World's Brightest Double Solar Spotlight
Most solar lights are meant to provide soft accent lighting, but these Double Solar Spotlights are true work lights. Two swiveling spotlights, each packed with 6 bright blue-white LEDs, are connected via a 15-foot cord to a high-gain solar panel. Direct them at a dark doorway – no more fumbling to find the lock. Use them to light the edge of your deck, a dark step, or the end of a dock. Mount the solar panel outside your shed and mount the lights inside – they may be the only illumination you need.

  • Environmentally-friendly NiMH battery pack.
  • Lights from dusk to dawn on a full day's charge.
  • LEDs never need replacing.
  • Brilliant solar-powered spotlight is eight times brighter.
  • Most durable, weatherproof solar spotlight on the market.
  • Powerful and versatile enough to use as a floodlight.
  • Goes just about anywhere – no electrical knowledge necessary
  • Need less light? See our Ultra-Bright Solar Spotlight

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